The value of consulting a financial adviser

Like all professional services, financial advice comes at a cost. While it may seem to go against the grain to spend money in trying to make money, the value of financial advice can be more beneficial than the cost of receiving it. This is after all the aim of a good financial adviser; they want their clients to be better off having taken their advice. So how can financial advice benefit you?

Helping you to grow your money for the future

This one might seem obvious, but without financial advice ‘DIY’ investors may make mistakes such as taking too much (or too little) risk with their money or trying to chase the market, leading to buying and selling investments at the wrong times. A study by the International Longevity Centre UK ( recently reported that those who took financial advice were on average £47,000 better off a decade later than those who did not.1 

Ensuring you don’t pay tax unnecessarily

Tax is an important part of how our country and economy functions. While we all should pay our way, there are many strategies that individuals can use to take advantage of tax breaks and incentives to either reduce the tax they pay or receive tax ‘refunds’ on tax already paid. A financial adviser can take these strategies into account when helping you plan your finances both now and in the future. 

Helping you look after your family

For many their finances don’t exist in isolation; they have family to consider. Financial advisers can help to plan for the unexpected, which may lead to loss of earnings, by assisting you in selecting the correct protection products. They can also suggest plans to fund education, or to give children a ‘head start’ in their adult lives.

It is easy to focus on cost rather than value, but the cost of valuable financial advice can be a good investment. If you are unsure whether financial advice can help you, why not speak to one of our advisers today?  

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  1. “What it’s worth – Revisiting the value of financial advice” Published by ILC UK December 2019 available at