How we protect investments in a risky market

Beaumont Wealth are dedicated to offering expert financial advice with our professional advisers providing a comprehensive range of services for individuals and businesses, including risk assessment and investor portfolios. There are no guarantees when it comes to investments, but we can help customers make smart financial decisions especially during these troubled times.


As a company we are constantly looking at steps we can take towards being more ethical and this is no different when it comes to investing. Our ethical portfolios are composed only from investments that meet our client’s ethical parameters and our strict standards. We also identify funds that have superior management and consistently good results, giving the best chances of making a good investment while prioritising your ethical criteria.  

Our preservation portfolios are specifically designed to try and protect client investments from unpredictable markets. They aim to have a potential maximum decline of 10-20% per annum, achieved by investing in a mixture of different types of funds. 

We also offer growth portfolios, designed for those who are looking to grow their investments. From a wide range of funds and assets, we build, monitor and adjust portfolios that are risk-rated and independently researched. This way, our investors only take risks they are comfortable with. 

Risk Assessment

We offer discretionary management, which allows our professionals to make changes promptly, informing investors after changes have been made. Every investment will be carefully analysed on a quarterly basis using a unique ‘risk barometer’. By assessing the level of risk involved with each investment as the market and economy change, riskier assets can be adjusted or replaced. 

We take every measure to build a diverse portfolio that is aligned with your attitude towards risks and aimed at protecting your investments from a volatile market. Contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation with one of our highly trained advisers.